Introducing The Queen James Bible

According to the Blaze, a new Bible translation has popped up, attempting to rewrite passages from the Bible which are against homosexuality:

“The Queen James Bible resolves any homophobic interpretations of the Bible, but the Bible is still filled with inequality and even contradiction that we have not addressed,” the web site notes. “No Bible is perfect, including this one. We wanted to make a book filled with the word of God that nobody could use to incorrectly condemn God’s LGBT children, and we succeeded.”
The editors claim that the word “homosexual” was not placed in the holy book until 1946. Their new version is purportedly a purer — at least in their view — take on the scriptures (although references to same-sex attraction were clearly in the Bible from its inception).
Taking into account the eight verses that are most frequently cited in arguments against homosexuality and same-sex attraction, the editors amended them “in a way that makes homophobic interpretations impossible.” Because the King James translation is the most popular version of the Bible, it was selected to be repurposed.
Why “Queen James?,” you may be asking. According to those behind this new publication, King James VI and I, the man behind the Bible translation, was a bisexual (a fact that is historically debatable).

Queen James BibleThe problem is, of course, that the Bible is unremittingly hostile towards the practice of homosexuality, and no amount of rewriting will change that.

Another question entirely is why someone has even attempted to pass something like this off as genuine. Why not chose another religion more sympathetic to homosexuality, rather than try to change one which at its very core celebrates the love between a married man and a woman as a symbol of God’s relationship with the human race? Could it be that they know homosexuality is a sin and, instead of repenting for it, are trying to avoid blame by changing the rules?

We are not into gay bashing on this site (see here), but we do insist that people who do not believe in the Bible and Christianity should stop encroaching on our turf and stop trying to make the Bible and Christianity into something they are not. Either believe the Bible, or leave it alone, but do not try to change it to suit your own whims. It is just dishonest.

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5 Responses to Introducing The Queen James Bible

  1. wadingacross says:

    Wait until people try to pass it off as a viable translation in online, scholarly or face to face discourse. Of course, the only people who’re going to use this won’t care one whit about staying true to history and intent; they’ll get ridiculed by many for trying to use it. But then, that’ll just reinforce their beliefs and the thought that they’re being discriminated against and so on.

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