The Thomas Friedman Op-Ed Generator

Powerline Blog links to a real jewel for any non-fan of Thomas Friedman–the Thomas Friedman Op/Ed Generator. Just click on “Generate”, and it will create an op/ed for you that looks and sounds identical to the inane nonsense Friedman writes. It is complete with the New York Times masthead, so you can be excused for thinking that it real. Some gems: Mauritania is Japan and Paraguay and its Own Arab Awakening.

We have a special place in our heart for Friedman, somewhere below our feelings of revulsion for Stalin and the black plague. Stalin was a monster and the black plague was an unthinking disease. Both killed millions, but neither knew their left hand from their right when it came to morality. Friedman is much worse: He is an enabler. While it is good to laugh at and ridicule Friedman, keep in mind that it is buffoons like him who enable monsters and monstrosities to exist, by explaining, excusing, and applauding what any moral person should know is wrong. People like Friedman know better, but do not care. They only care about their personal agendas, and will warp any fact and tell any lie to bring their agendas to fruition.

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