Pelosi’s Office Releases Doctored Photo Of Female Lawmakers

Nancy Pelosi wanted to have a photo taken on the capitol steps of all the female lawmakers in Congress. Unfortunately, some could not make it on time, so the photo was taken without them. Never mind, they can always be added using Photoshop later.

Here is a photo taken by the AP of the actual session (it is not the original, but it contains all the people who were there when the original photo was taken):

Nancy PelosiAnd here is the Photoshopped version:

pelosi-congress-smallIt may not seem like a big deal to many people–certainly, Pelosi did not think it was a big deal–but in the real world, this is a big no-no. Professional news photographers who do this sort of thing pretty much always get fired and see their careers in tatters when they are caught.

Everyone reviled the people behind this photo, of Chinese officials in Sichuan:

Yet, these officials claimed–as Pelosi has done–that the photo was fake, but accurate. Why shouldn’t Pelosi be censored for doing the very same thing.

What is next, airbrushing out people who have fallen from favor?

(H/t Poynter)

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