Hagel: Terrorists Attack Because They “Lack Hope” Just Like The “Chained Palestinians” (Video)

How many inane comments can one make in a 36 second video? Watch Senator Chuck Hagel in this 2007 video in order to find out.

The Gateway Pundit believes this video proves Hagel is a loon. However, I disagree. He sounds severely retarded, like a Brick Tamland wannabe. Apparently Hagel was hell on wheels as a sergeant in Vietnam, but as my father (a former drill sergeant) lovingly used to say, intelligence is not at all a prerequisite for success in Army infantry. Nor, might we add, is having been a war hero necessarily a qualification for becoming Secretary of Defense.

Hagel will go far in the Obama administration, I fear. Next to some of the clowns we currently have running the government, he comes across as a near genius. I feel sorry for the troops though. No one wants to have an idiot for a leader.

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