ZoNation: MLK Legacy Belongs to the Nation, Not Just Democrats

I’m on a roll this week, offending some longtime readers of this blog. First, by calling out Sandy Hook conspiracy truthers as morons, and now with this:

Key point:

If states’ rights means more to you than individual God-given rights, then you have a problem.

I’m trying to speak the truth in love to people who should know better. At the moment, the GOP is in great danger of becoming like the Whig Party–irrelevant and dead. With the way things are going, I am not sure that it can or should win the presidency in 2016. There are three main problems, as I see it:

  1. A leadership which wants conservative and Republican support just to stay in power, but without actually intending to do much in the way of supporting traditional conservative or Republican values.
  2. A grass-roots movement which is leaderless and in disarray.
  3. An attempt by Rand Paul to become the spokesperson for the GOP and conservatism.

Let’s be clear: If the GOP candidate in 2016 is not a conservative, the party will fail. And if that candidate is Rand Paul, I will be the first to leave, but many, many others will join me. I would rather give the country to a big-government liberal Democrat than to give it over to a small-government liberal Democrat trying to pull on con on myself and other Republicans by falsely claiming that he is a Republican and a conservative, and even having the temerity to try to redefine conservatism as his version of small-government liberalism.

If you follow through with the logic of the Ron Paul libertarians and their adherents, the Civil War should not have been fought, and Lincoln was a criminal. If that is what they want to think, then that is their business. However, Alonzo Rachel points out, such people are neither conservatives or Republicans, and do not belong in the GOP.

In short, the basic problem is that many people have forgotten what conservatism and Republicanism are all about, and unless they begin to find their way back, all will be lost for the GOP.

(Note: I am a conservative who believes:

  1. The government should be moral and have moral laws, but should allow every man’s home to be his castle, and should not be intruding into people’s lives unless they are hurting others, which means that the Civil War was a proper and just response to Southern slavery and that there is a federal interest in the abortion issue, but that what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom is none of its business.
  2. The US should have a strong defense, and having a strong defense requires having an active posture in world affairs.
  3. The US should honor its treaties and traditional alliances with countries such as Israel and South Korea.
  4. The US government should be fiscally responsible.
  5. The federal, state, and local governments should be as small as practicable, and have as few regulations as possible, but that there is a role for the state in regulating commerce and providing for public safety and welfare.

I’ve sketched out pretty much what Reagan ran on in 1980, and all of these points would certainly be pretty acceptable to Lincoln. The Ron Paul libertarians of this world support points #1 and #5 in small part, and #4 completely, but reject the other points, which is why I can say with confidence that they are not Republicans or conservatives.)

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