Waitress Fired For Posting Receipt From Stingy Pastor

Here is the scoop. Last week, a large group ate at an Applebee’s in St. Louis. As per restaurant policy and as noted on the menu, whenever a group of eight or more people eat at the restaurant, an automatic 18% tip for the waiting staff is added to the bill. One of the people in the party crossed out the 18% tip on her receipt, and wrote a note saying, “I give God 10% Why do you get 18%?”, and then signed her name, giving her title as “Pastor”. The waitress was justifiably upset, so she showed it to another waitress, who took a photo of it and posted it (with the customer’s identification cropped out) on Reddit’s Atheist page. The photo of the receipt went viral, and now the waitress who posted it, Chelsea Welch, has been fired.

Here is the full receipt (which includes the customer’s name):

Pastor's receiptMaybe I’m odd, but I do not think that Chelsea Welch should have been fired. Indeed, I think Pastor Alois Bell of Truth in the Word Deliverance Ministries should be ashamed of herself.

I have heard of other “Christians” who somehow think that this kind of behavior is appropriate. However, the waitress in question is making $3 an hour (the law allows a lower minimum wage for waiters who receive tips), so unless there was something dreadfully wrong with the service (and by all accounts, the service was fine), there was no excuse for this kind of behavior. It just brings our faith into disrepute and makes people hate Christians and Christianity.

What did Jesus say?

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices—mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former.

Matthew 23: 23.

(H/t The Consumerist)

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4 Responses to Waitress Fired For Posting Receipt From Stingy Pastor

  1. thesauros says:

    I think they were both in the wrong but the Pastor certainly should have known better. The Matthew reference fits.

  2. I agree with you. Besides, what we give to God should never play into how we treat people. If you have enough money to eat out, then you have enough money to pay a good tip. Over 15% is standard now. Treating people with respect and dignity should always be more important than money.

  3. Rev. Jynxx says:

    Reddit got on her to edit it AFTER posting, hence why the signature is visible even in your own pic. read the other stories, also if the Gratuity is AUTOMATICALLY added, just crossing it out does not negate that. The checks were individual yet she got taxed for being a larger party something also covered in the other articles. I’d be offended to, but that’s besides the point. The waitress who didn’t even serve that table took that store receipt and posted it with the name clearly visible in a circumstance that is none of her business, she’s fortunate to just lose her job (Which was clearly the RIGHT thing for the company to do), as if this had been me there’d be a Lawsuit and I’d own both the store and her for all this coverage. And because she was Stupid enough to post this on the bloody Internet, I’d win. The Pastor may be a twat, but this woman was a Moron and lost out on more than a tip. next time she’ll know of she can even get a job at a Shoneys…

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