Sandra Fluke: Opposing Contraception Coverage Like Opposing Coverage For Leukemia

First, she is incorrect in her description of institutions and companies which fall under the mandate to provide morning after-pills and abortion coverage. Both Bible publishers and Catholic hospitals have been targeted by these rules, because they are not religious enough for the Obama administration. The proposed guidelines are so narrow that they only exempt actual churches, and then potentially only the pastoral staff.

Second, why should any employer be forced to provide coverage for something that violates his/her beliefs? And why should any employee be forced to pay premiums on an insurance plan that provides coverage for something that violates his/her beliefs? (Including treatment for blood transfusions, which is objected to by some religious groups.) There is nothing to stop an employee from going out and purchasing healthcare insurance on his/her own, or getting healthcare treatment as he/she wishes. Denial of company healthcare insurance coverage is not the same as denial of healthcare insurance or denial of treatment. There are plenty of options out there, most of which are far cheaper than the options mandated in Obamacare, so why should anyone–employer, employee, or taxpayer–be forced to foot the bill for something they view as immoral?

Third, yes, people against this mandate have an extreme ideas of religious freedom. These are the same extreme ideas that caused most of our forefathers–and foremothers–to come to America to begin with, and which guided the drafting of the 1st Amendment guaranteeing religious freedom. Contrary to what Sandra Fluke and Barack Obama claim to believe (and no doubt, both are being fundamentally dishonest in their arguments and intentions), the 1st Amendment does not restrict religious freedom to Americans only in church, only on Sunday morning, and only to those filling a pastoral role–it gives religious freedom to all Americans, 24/7, wherever they are in the US, and whatever they are doing.

Fourth, and finally, Sandra Fluke has gone further than merely stating that unborn children are just a lump of lifeless tissue–she has compared them to a malignant cancer. We can only thank here for making this statement, as it is the only truly honest thing she said in this short segment.

(H/t The Corner)

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6 Responses to Sandra Fluke: Opposing Contraception Coverage Like Opposing Coverage For Leukemia

  1. Teresa Rice says:

    Contraception prevents life and is an abortifacient, can kill life but the drug for leukemia saves lives. Fluke is way off base and shows her utter ignorance for reality.

  2. We have known for a long time that liberals have shown disdain for people of faith, Fluke is just another example of it. Her comparison to cancer about birth control and abortion pills are appalling to say the least. This of course is another reason they also despise the Constitution and limits it gave the federal government.

  3. LD Jackson says:

    Sandra Fluke is a total idiot, equating leukemia with birth control. Seriously, are we expected to accept her statements as fact? It still boggles my mind that she is even considered an “expert”, enough so that she is requested to give her opinions on what is supposed to be news programs.

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  5. lizp4 says:

    Dear Ms. Fluke: No. It’s not ANYTHING like opposing coverage for leukemia.

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