Marco Rubio’s Full Response To The State Of The Union Address

Yes, he comes across as a little wooden, and yes he took a sip of water. But, if Marco Rubio had been the GOP candidate in 2012 and had stuck with this message, then he would have been giving the State of the Union address this year, and not Obama.

Rubio does what Mitt Romney pretty much refused to do during the campaign–present a clear choice between different visions of America, and radically different answers to America’s problems. It was not, and never could be, “just the economy, stupid!” when the fate of a nation hangs in the balance.

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4 Responses to Marco Rubio’s Full Response To The State Of The Union Address

  1. blained13 says:

    Tough spot for anybody, but your right about Rubio understanding the principles he speaks about. I’ll be honest, in 2016 I hope Rubio and Rand Paul run for president.

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  3. southernsue says:

    we need a fighter to fight the left.
    we need someone with fire in their heart and belly.
    we need a young, tech savy, street smart, good looking, fresh kinda person.
    we also need to start playing fire with fire to win our elections.
    we need to shy away from the nice gentle gentleman and gentlewoman, people don’t identify with this kind of person anymore!

    the republican party is not used to fighting, maybe we have too many oldies but goodies in our party.
    the dems are full of union people, black people that have marched in civil rights movemements, ect, ect.
    my point is that the republican party needs to fight and be fighters like the union people that will fight tooth and nail for what they want, along with the blacks fighting for what they want!

    isn’t our great country worth fighting for?

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