Mark Sanford: Trust Me, We All Make Mistakes!

This is Mark Sanford’s first ad for his new congressional campaign:

For those not up to speed, Mark Sanford is the former governor of South Carolina, and was tipped to be a major contender as a social conservative for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, until he “disappeared” while hiking in a national park. His disappearance was later revealed to be nothing but a cynical attempt to hide the fact that he was in Argentina with his mistress. This naturally led to his resignation from office and divorce. Since he no longer has any credibility as a social conservative, he has adopted the Tea Party banner in an attempt to restart his political career.

Let us set aside the question of forgiveness for a moment, and talk about trust:

  • If you had a friend who borrowed your car, got in a horrific accident costing you thousands of dollars, and then tried to cover it up, would you let him borrow your car a second time, even after you had forgiven him?
  • If you had a wife who had gone on a business trip alone with a co-worker and then had an affair with that same co-worker and tried to cover it up, even if your forgave her and stayed married to her, would you let her go on a business trip with that co-worker again?
  • If you had a son who had overdosed on heroin and almost died, would you let him go out with the same friends he had always gone out shooting up drugs with, even if your son promised to be good and just watch while the others got high?
  • If you bought a house from a man, and then found out the deed was fraudulent, would you buy anything from that man again, or ever believe anything he said?

We can go on and on with examples like this, but the basic point is that there is a difference between forgiving someone, and being a sap. Our own conclusion when Sanford resigned as governor was that he had been playing his constituents for fools all along. Why should anyone believe him now?

Then again, anyone with even a cursory knowledge of counseling or 12-Step programs will tell you that one key to successful rehabilitation is to avoid the places and people which are associated with the past problem behaviors. On that basis, even if we believed the best about Mark Sanford, the last place we would want to see him is in an elected office. And those who profess to care most about him would be telling him not to run.

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5 Responses to Mark Sanford: Trust Me, We All Make Mistakes!

  1. Asylum Watch says:

    Mr. Sanford needs to find another line of work.

  2. southernsue says:

    he brought lots and lots of jobs to sc
    his personal life is ugh!
    but companies like amazon boeing pharmaceutical distribution centers, car tire manufacturer ect ect
    that means more to me, these days and times, especially when you have a mortgage and kids to raise!

    • John Scotus says:

      Hitler brought lots of jobs and economic prosperity to Germany prior to WWII, and Mussolini made the trains run on time. No, I’m not saying the Sanford is like these men. But I am saying that using economic performance as the main measure of a politician is a dreadful mistake. If people are willing to overlook the fact that a man is a hypocritical conman so long as he brings prosperity to their state or nation, what else are they willing to overlook? More importantly, what will they be willing to surrender to that man? This is a dangerous road to travel.

  3. LD Jackson says:

    I believe in the forgiveness of God and in second chances. However, Mark Sanford would have a long way to go before I could trust him again. He has shown his judgement about such things is not up to par for someone who expects the citizens of his state to place him in another position of power.

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