Selective Outrage

Today, a friend posted a long rant against Israel on Facebook because Israel had bombed Syria. All of his points were good and true.

Funny thing, though: He did not rant when Syria used chemical weapons against its own people, and he did not rant when Hamas bombed Israel.

Then, several months ago, another friend posted a long rant because some conservatives were upset when Michele Obama appeared at the Oscars. All of her points were also good and true.

Funny thing, though: She did not rant when liberals–then and now–fantasized publicly about killing George W. Bush.

Why is it that some people cry “Peace! Peace!” or plead for tolerance and understanding only once in a blue moon, when even worse travesties are being perpetuated daily without being noticed by them? Is it that they don’t even notice these other injustices, or are they so filled with hate that they can only get upset when their own particular ox is being gored?

They may claim to be fair and evenhanded, but their selective outrage only proves their bias. Not that all bias is bad, but to have bias and make the claim that one is being objective and fair-minded is the height of hypocrisy.

If there is any hint that Syria has or will use chemical weapons, then if I were Israel I would take military action–not to hurt anyone in Syria–but to remove that threat. So no, I am not upset that Israel has bombed Syria, and indeed I find it a curiosity that the US government waited for Israel to act and did not act itself.

And I was also appalled when Michele showed up at the Oscars, because show organizers in the past have always taken great pains to make the broadcast as apolitical as possible (even if the awards themselves are often highly political). However, the threats against the life of George W. Bush are even more appalling. I have not seen on my Twitter feed or anywhere in the conservative blogosphere threats or fantasies against the life of Barack Obama, yet such threats and fantasies against the life of George W. Bush are rather commonplace, so it is rather galling when some lib wants to crucify conservatives for “Obama derangement syndrome”.

So, to my “friends” on Facebook or elsewhere, if you are going to make the pretense of being evenhanded, then don’t show your bias with selective outrage. And do us a favor and get your own house in order before you start to preach against “haters” and those who are intolerant of the opinions of others. It is rather unbecoming of you to preach this way when you are so hateful and intolerant yourselves.

UPDATE:Israel has now taken credit for the attack, and said that it was targeting a shipment of advanced missiles. This does not at all change the basic point above. Why didn’t NATO or the US target them first?

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3 Responses to Selective Outrage

  1. LD Jackson says:

    Very true, John. Liberals conveniently forget how deranged they were/are in their hatred of George W. Bush. Many of them would like to see him in jail for his supposed crimes, but give Obama a complete pass when it comes to his misdeeds.

  2. Let’s put the American government in the situation of Israel, you are surrounded by enemies that are seeking your destruction. You are surrounded by nations who have attacked you constantly, you have no choice but to defend yourself. Has Israel made mistakes? Sure and so has every other country, along with its leaders. I wonder what your friend would have done if he was in charge of protecting the people of Israel? Would he wait til they used the rockets on his people or kill more civilians in Syria before doing anything. So easy to judge from so far away and not put in the difficult situation that Israel is in.

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