The New Prerequisite For Joining The Ruling Elite: Illiteracy

There are those who are prone to making typos and spelling errors (people like myself), and those who are simply illiterate. As an example of illiteracy, we have Emma Lewell-Buck, the new Labour MP for South Shields. Lewell-Buck has a Masters in Social Work, and an honors degree in Media Studies. Here is the bio she wrote for herself:

Councillor Lewell-BuckOne wonders how she could have graduated from high school, much less gotten a degree.

Before we jump to the conclusion that she is a moron, consider this: She is now a member of the ruling elite of the UK, with a good salary, plenty of perks, and a lapdog press eager to hear every word that drops from her lips.

Meanwhile, we are sucking eggs. So, who is the moron here?

Earlier, we had posted about the high illiteracy rate in Washington DC, speculating that many of those in the ruling class in the US might be similarly afflicted. Perhaps, however, we have unwittingly stumbled on a brutal truth: Illiteracy is not an affliction of the ruling class, but is one of the basic requirements for becoming a member.

If this is so, then the joke is on us.

(Note: As always, when someone else’s grammar or punctuation is being commented on, Muphry’s Law is in full force.)

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