Which Are The Most Racist Countries In The World?

If your whole existence were defined by the TV news and liberal polemicists, you might think that the most racist country by far is the US, followed by the UK at a close second. But is this really true? Fortunately, there has been some research on this question, and the results might surprise you.

Here is a map of racist attitudes around the world, based on survey data, compiled by the WaPo:


If you have difficulty reading the legend, blue signifies racially tolerant countries, while red signifies racially intolerant countries.

Now, since the map is based on opinion surveys, it is possible that respondents lied and they are more racist than they claim. For example, Japan is shaded light blue, but based on my experience there I would think that it should be shaded purple or even pink. In Japan, there is such an emphasis on both internationalization and on duty to one’s country that many respondents may have answered as they were expected to, rather than as they actually felt. So yes, the map is not perfect.

However, unless everyone in the US is an abject liar (and not just politicians and the press), there is no way that there would be enough error in this research to shift the US from blue all the way to purple, or even pink.

No, a nation that is willing to elect a black president–especially one so shallow and flawed as Barack Obama–is not really that racist in the scope of things. There are many, many other countries where racism is both more predominate and more virulent.

Americans need to cut themselves some slack.

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