Were the Middle Ages Dark? (Video)

Professor Anthony Esolen overstates his case some–with poor sanitation, living conditions, and healthcare, few people today would want to live in that era. However, the Middle Ages were not nearly as dark as many people suppose.

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One Response to Were the Middle Ages Dark? (Video)

  1. Father D says:

    I think Esolen is very much on the mark. He is not advocating that we should live as the people of those times (without sanitation, healthcare, etc.), but rather that we should have a better appreciation for them than most do in fact have.

    These folks had one thing that is largely lost to modern people, something of greater value than all our modern advantages. They had a active, vivid faith in a transcendent God that was alive and fully present with them day by day. Today, most of society has lost its faith completely, to the point of believing in nothing more than materialism and the indulgence of self.

    They were truly far better off than we are because the Christian faith was alive and active all around them every day. Today we live in a blind world that only waits for release in death. I would choose lack of sanitation and healthcare any day over the modern world that has lost its faith and chosen to embrace nihilism.

    Fr. D+
    Anglican Priest

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