Audio: IRS Agent Tells Pro-life Group, “Keep Your Faith To Yourself”

This is a phone call between Ania Joseph of Pro-Life Revolution (a Texas group seeking tax-exempt status) and IRS Exempt Organization Specialist Sherry Wan, taped in March, 2012.

(Full transcript here.) Wan was obviously violating both the law and the US Constitution. A mere apology is not enough–she should be in jail.

Pro-life Revolution applied for tax exempt status in January, 2011, and was in fact only granted this status last Thursday, after receiving legal help from the Alliance Defending Freedom (a pro-life legal group). According to IRS regulations, such applications should be cleared within 9 months, or the case agent (Ms. Wan) should face disciplinary action. Where is there evidence that she, or anyone else in Washington DC, has received any discipline over this mess, apart from being allowed to retire early with full benefits?

(H/t Hot Air)

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3 Responses to Audio: IRS Agent Tells Pro-life Group, “Keep Your Faith To Yourself”

  1. J.G.Lord says:

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    Nothing new just coming home we must soon accept that our liberators the democrats are progressively dismantling our freedoms and the Bill of rights.

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