If Paula Deen Is To Be Condemned, Why Does This Race-Baiting Demagogue Get A Free Pass?

This is Barack Obama speaking at Hampton University in 2007. While affecting a “black” accent that he does not normally use, he essentially places the blame for all the ills in black America on white racism. The speech is a model of demagoguery, deception, and shameless pandering. How can someone make a speech like this, and not be a racist? And if Obama is a racist, why is his racism condoned while someone like Paula Deen (an Obama supporter, no less), is condemned?

Note that I am not a Deen supporter–she should be condemned. The question is, why should Obama get a free pass for even worse sins? Why is his appeal to racism tolerated and forgiven?

America has much deeper problems than a TV chef who used a bad word long ago: It has a president who is willing to condemn a whole class of people based on knowingly unfounded and racist charges, simply for the sake of personal political expediency.

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One Response to If Paula Deen Is To Be Condemned, Why Does This Race-Baiting Demagogue Get A Free Pass?

  1. mlaclair says:

    I wonder the very same thing about the Zimmerman trial. If the black girl from Haiti thinks that Martin’s calling Zimmerman a “creepy white a** cracker” is NOT racist how can she claim that Zimmerman was racist and they themselves NOT!!?? Seems to me the big black girl should be considered part of Tryvon’s ‘gang’ since she kept in contact via phone with him while he was where he was not supposed to be – on someone else’s property – according to the neighbor who testified to that fact. Time to get these guys on the ‘hate crime’ in reverse. The law applies to everybody, time we enforce it for ourselves against those who think it belongs primarily to them. Any thoughts on this? thanks.

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