A Prayer Request

Frequent readers of this blog know that we used to live in Japan, but now reside in a secret volcano lair at an undisclosed location somewhere west of Hawaii.

It is a nice place, but we have a hankering to go home. And home for us is Japan. Some of the reasons that we wish to go home are highly practical, and some are highly sentimental. Most of our reasons cannot be expressed in this forum.

Two issues keep us from returning. The first is financial. We need money to relocate, and we need income once we are there. The second is legal–we need a visa. We have several friends working on this second issue right now, but this appears to be the biggest hangup. We would walk through glass to get back to Japan, or even swim there if necessary, and we are willing to simply trust God for food and lodging once we get there–there is work that I can do once we get off the plane, and ways of raising income. However, we are not going to go back without a proper visa. And right now, for an older person like myself who has a wife and several kids, and who really does not belong working at a large language mill or in a downtown office, visas appear pretty hard to get. If I were 25 and single, it would be easy to find a job and a visa there that would be satisfactory for our needs, but that time has passed, and so we need something that is more difficult to find.

Will you please stand in prayer with us?

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3 Responses to A Prayer Request

  1. rosary in the morning,Mass at noon.You will have all my prayers this week.Pls keep in touch and let me know how it’s going,k?God Bless

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