Ron Paul Campaign Paid Off Iowa State Senator For Support In 2012

For those who have not been paying attention, one reason Michele Bachmann has declined to run for reelection in 2014 is that she is being investigated by multiple agencies in regards to her 2012 presidential campaign. Many of these investigations center around allegations that her campaign paid off Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson for his support.

New allegations involving Sorenson have now surfaced, however, linking him to payoffs from the Ron Paul campaign. According to the Iowa Republican,

To date, only Sorenson’s dealings with the Bachmann campaign have been made public.  New information has been provided to that details the courting of Sorenson by the Paul campaign, which began in October 2011, long before his public endorsement of Congressman Ron Paul on December 28, 2011.  The documents also show that Sorenson was negotiating with Ron Paul’s national campaign chairman, Jesse Benton, who is now running Mitch McConnell’s 2014 re-election campaign in Kentucky, and John Tate, Paul’s 2012 campaign manager.

Also involved in the elaborate scheme to persuade Sorenson to defect from Bachmann to Paul is Aaron Dorr, the Executive Director of Iowa Gun Owners Association.  Dorr served as an early negotiator between Sorenson and the Paul campaign.  It was Dorr who drafted a three-page memo outlining Sorenson’s financial demands to get him to jump ship from the Bachmann campaign.  This memo not only discloses the financial compensation Sorenson sought to obtain, but also details his financial agreement with Bachmann.

Dorr’s October 29, 2011, memo also outlined other benefits the Paul campaign would receive by meeting Sorenson’s financial demands.  One of those benefits was the acquisition of a list of identified voters to Michele Bachmann.  Dorr also admits that he and Sorenson are in possession of the list of the “main Iowa home-school group” in the state.

The theft of the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators (NICHE) list spawned a controversy of its own in December of 2011 when the Bachmann campaign sent multiple emails to the list without the group’s knowledge.  The Bachmann campaign assured the group that the emails were inadvertent, but we now see that the NICHE list wasn’t just used to promote Bachmann’s candidacy, but was acquired by Sorenson through Chris Dorr for his own personal use and profit.

The payoff?

  • Sorenson wanted $8,000 a month through the fall of 2012.
  • Chris Dorr, Sorenson’s clerk and right-hand man, wanted $5,000 a month through April of 2012.
  • Sorenson demanded that $100,000 be placed in an Iowa PAC that would be controlled by Sorenson and staffed by the Dorrs.  Kevin Wolfswinkel, a Paul supporter, was the PAC’s chairman, and Wes Enos was the PAC’s treasurer.

In total, the asking price for Sorenson’s defection was $208,000.  That’s $88,000 for Sorenson, $20,000 for Chris Dorr, and $100,000 for the newly created state PAC.

Apparently, as soon as this price was met, Sorenson defected from the Bachmann campaign, and threw his support behind Ron Paul.

Jesse Benton was Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign chairman, and is married to Ron Paul’s granddaughter. While the Iowa Republican fingers Benton as the man behind the payoffs to Sorenson, Benton denied this to Dennis Fusaro, who is the source of the leaked emails and recordings that elaborate on Sorenson’s defection to the Paul campaign. (Fusaro has been involved in Right to Work committees on both the local and national level, and was a national field director for Ron Paul for president in 2008.) In the same recording wherein Benton denied being involved in the payoffs to Sorenson, however, Benton explained why he was currently working as Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager: “Between you and me I’m sort of holding my nose for two years because what we’re doing here is going to be a big benefit for Rand in 2016 … That’s my long vision.”

Sorenson has already admitted, on tape, that he was paid off by the Ron Paul campaign. The only question is who was behind the payoffs. While apparently there is no smoking gun proving that Benton OK’d the deal, it is hard to believe, given the amounts involved, that Benton did not know and approve. And if Benton knew, then Ron Paul himself had to have known. He may not have known the details, but he had to have known that everything was not quite on the up-and-up.

The bottom line is that Ron Paul tried to fix the Iowa Caucuses in 2012, to put himself into the driver’s seat in the election. When he failed, he set his sights on using his 2012 campaign to promote his son for 2016. This was why he never criticized Romney during any of the debates, and why his former campaign chairman is now working for the McConnell campaign–it is a grand strategy of trying to buy off establishment Republicans, or at least silence them, so that Rand Paul will have a better shot in 2016.

In short, the fix is in for 2016. Or at least, the Paul family thinks it is in. But these frauds can only con us into giving them our support if we let them.

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One Response to Ron Paul Campaign Paid Off Iowa State Senator For Support In 2012

  1. Sharon says:

    To say what has been rumored and not proven is gossip. Even if the payoff did happen (and that is not been legally proven) there is NO evidence that Ron Paul himself knew about it or was involved in any way.

    Ron Paul has been acknowledged by friend and foe alike as being a man of highest integrity.

    There was a lot of dirty tricks played in by the Iowa Republican Party. Romney won Iowa then Santorem when in the straw poll Paul was VASTLY ahead of them all. Votes in counties and areas for Ron Paul mysteriously disappeared.

    I no longer trust either party. They are both out for power and control. Both operate with lies and dirty tricks. The democrats and republican and different wings of the same bird…and that bird is not an eagle but a vulture that is picking clean the carcass of what used to be a great country.

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