Photo: Ted Cruz Kneels in Prayer Outside the White House

As posted by CBN, this is Ted Cruz praying outside the White House on September 26.

cruzprayingThe two men with him are Rev. Rob Schenck and Rev. Frazier White.

Schenck tells the story:

In the image you see me at the center with my prayer stole as we intercede in Jesus’ name for our brother in Christ and imprisoned pastor, Saeed Abedini, who has suffered in an Iranian prison for one year because of his faithful witness to Christ. Kneeling with me on my left (the significance of the placement should be noted) is the U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, a tea party Republican from Texas. Sen. Cruz just made wall-to-wall headlines for his 20+ hour filibuster opposing Obamacare, the President’s signature legislative achievement.

On my right (again, note the orientation) is Rev. Frazier White, a Democrat community organizer from my neighborhood of Capitol Hill, and a huge supporter of President Obama. At the moment the photo was taken, though, the politically polar opposite positions of the Senator and the Pastor were irrelevant.

We were bowed before the Holy, the Supernal, the highest Lord in the universe, and the One and Only Eternal King. Everything else: party labels, policy positions, job descriptions, accents, zip codes, skin color, filibusters and organizing, were all utterly and completely dwarfed. In that moment of prayer–especially for a fellow Christian, a persecuted believer, whose circumstances are for most us unimaginable–our political and cultural squabbles seemed petty.

Pastor White, Sen. Cruz, Rev. Pat Mahoney, Jordan and Anna Sekulow, myself, and so many others, were there in front of the White House to do the really and truly important business of crying out to God for one of our own that was suffering for his faith.

For a moment, let’s be really cynical. It is always possible that Cruz was there as a publicity stunt. It is always possible that he has been playing a con on people all his life and completely lacks sincerity. And indeed, this is exactly what his critics accuse him of.

But my gosh, even if his motives are wrong, it is about time that some politician in Washington did the right thing, and going to the seat of power in our nation to publicly intercede for a man like Saeed Abedini is the right thing to do.

It is refreshing that someone in power in Washington at least knows the difference between right and wrong, between his right hand and his left, and is willing to stand (or in this case kneel) for that truth.

Recall that just last year, six Christians were arrested for doing exactly what Cruz was doing in this photo–peacefully praying in front of the White House. Here is the video of that incident (the story is here).

The sad thing is that if Cruz had not been with this group praying for Saeed Abedini, there was a real possibility that they would have been arrested as well, so it is right and appropriate in every way that he be there.

The real question is, where were Cruz’s critics? Why weren’t they out there interceding for someone suffering in the name of Christ?

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