A Map Of American Ancestry, By County

This is cool. It is a map of the US, showing where the majority of people claim to be from in each county.

map of ethnic breakdown of the US by countyThe map is based upon data collected in the US 2000 Census (they were not allowed to ask about ancestry in the 2010 Census).

The map does show a few anomalies.

First, there is the category “American”, which is predominate in many areas of the South. It appears that people who gave this answer either did not know their ancestry, had a mixed ancestry, or simply objected to the question.

Second, there is no category for “Scot”. One common misconception shared by many Americans is that they have English ancestry, when in fact many Caucasian Americans, especially in the areas shaded yellow on the map, are Scot or Scot-Irish. For example, of my two grandmothers, one had Scot-Irish ancestry while the other was German, and of my two grandfathers, one had Scot ancestry while the other was English. My wife’s ancestry is half German, one-quarter Scot, and one-quarter English. Our ancestries are quite typical of the people we grew up with, yet are not completely reflected on the map.

Still, the map is fascinating.

(H/t Daily Mail)

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