Obama Sends Out Riot Police To Protect US Capital From Domestic Terrorists

The riot police were out in force today protecting the US capital from domestic terrorism.

riot police protecting Washington DCTo be sure, these terrorists were responsible for a great deal of violence and destruction of property in our nation’s capital, as some on Twitter gleefully pointed out. Here are pictures of the wreckage they caused:

MillionVet13piling up the barry-cadesBut no story like this would be complete without photos of the terrorists themselves:

domestic terroristsMillionVet06

We should be so thankful that our Dear Leader, in his infinite wisdom and grace, foresaw the need to protect our nation’s capital from such a rabble of domestic terrorists tourists, intent on destroying the fabric enjoying the freedoms of our nation.


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5 Responses to Obama Sends Out Riot Police To Protect US Capital From Domestic Terrorists

  1. John says:

    The Bible says that we ought to pray for our leaders. That would be the Christian thing to do wouldn’t it?

    • John Scotus says:

      The Bible doesn’t exactly say this. See https://treeofmamre.wordpress.com/2013/09/14/christians-are-not-called-to-pray-for-obamas-salvation-or-blessing/. The purpose of our prayers is not for the sake of our leaders, but for the sake of the church, that it might live and work in peace, unhindered by those leaders and their machinations.

      Regarding this protest, all these people are asking for is the ability to live their lives in peace while exercising their God-given rights as affirmed in the US Constitution, yet the government is standing in their way. It is puzzling that one would expect them–in the name of Christ–to allow these rights to be stolen. If Christ was correct in acting violently towards the money-changers in the Temple, then how much more are American citizens correct in staging a peaceful protest against government overreach?

      And please note, Christ did not pray for the political and religious leaders who allowed the Temple to be turned into a quick store, and there is no record that Christ ever prayed for earthly leaders. Further, Christ did not ever tell us to to pray for our leaders, so it is decidedly unclear that praying for our leaders is “the Christian” thing to do.

      • John says:

        With the more than 300 denominations of organized religion in The United States and most of them at each other’s doctrinal throats most of the time, it is hard to anyone to determine what is actually “Christian” and what is not. American Christiandom is nowhere near Christianity in any other part of the world in the way it is applied and most especially among those crazies who have taken Evangelicalism hostage and taken their message of division, hate and destruction into the government.

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