From Their Own Lips: The Staggering Hypocrisy Of The American Left

We do not agree with leftists/progressives/liberals/socialist or whatever they pretend to call themselves, but we do enjoy a good argument if that argument is made in good faith, and we admire people who possess logical consistency.

However, the supporters of Obama and his policies lack both of these things. They refuse to argue in good faith, and they are devoid of logical consistency. Indeed, all the dialogues we have attempted to have with Obama supporters (and when we say “all”, we mean every single one) come down to their well-rehearsed recitation of administration talking points, or simply their accusation that we are racist haters.  But spouting propaganda and accusations is not an argument, nor is it reasoned support for a man or his policies. And this is sad, because it is progressives who have been lied to and betrayed most of all by Obama. Conservatives knew what Obama was like, and thought that he was a snake-oil salesman from the very get-go, but progressives believed all his malarkey. They thought that they would finally have their day. However, instead of getting true progressive policies implemented, they discovered too late that they had simply signed up for a personality cult.

Obama and the Democratic Party have betrayed the hard left. On the international front, Guantanamo Bay still has prisoners, drone warfare has increased under Obama, and the Afghan War continues, among many, many failures. On the domestic front, Obamacare is an epic failure; while taxes have been raised on the very wealthy, there has been no radical income redistribution through tax rates; Obama has merely paid lip service to the cult of anthropological climate change, with his efforts to promote green energy being nothing more than a political pay-off to corporate cronies; immigration reform has not occurred; and, his failure to increase government spending is seen by many on the left as the reason the economy has not improved, consigning millions of people in the African-American community to continued poverty.

While conservatives might rejoice in Obama’s failure to turn hard left, progressives should be upset by his failures, but many are not. Instead of turning on Obama, as one would think, they dutifully soldier on, sacrificing their brains and integrity on the altar of one man’s vanity. It is no longer about policies: It is simply tribalism disguised as partisanship. Obama is their man, and they will support him, no matter what he says or does.

Finally, at least one leftist has woken up to Obama’s betrayal of the left, and has had the nerve to say something. Ian Welsh writes,

Unlike the Tea Party, most left wingers don’t really believe their own ideology.  They put partisanship first, or they put the color of a candidate’s skin or the shape of their genitals over the candidate’s policy.  Identity is more important to them than how many brown children that politician is killing.

So progressives have no power, because they have no principles: they cannot be expected to actually vote for the most progressive candidate, to successfully primary candidates, to care about policy first and identity second, to not take scraps from the table and sell out other progressive’s interests.

The Tea Party, say what you will about them, gets a great deal of obeisance from Republicans for one simple reason: they will primary you if they don’t like how you’ve been voting, and they’ll probably win that primary.  They are feared.  Progressives are not feared, because they do not believe enough in their ostensible principles to act on them in an effective fashion.

After writing this, Welsh received the predictable backlash from the so-called “progressive” community as they rallied around their Dear Leader. Yet, Welsh’s post contains more truth to it than he could ever guess. What Welsh does not see is that the left has always been hypocritical. It is in their blood. It is in the very nature of the left.

Recall that in the 1930s, communist front organizations in the US hated Hitler and fascism, in part because of the Spanish Civil War. However, this hatred ended the very day Stalin and Hitler made peace. From that time forth, they were pro-Nazi and anti-war, until of course the day Hitler attacked the Soviet Union. Then, on a dime, they all became anti-Nazi and pro-war. While they professed to believe in socialist principles, the only real principle involved was support for and obedience to Stalin, no matter what he did.

While Obama is no Stalin, the fact of the personality cult is the same. The left worships at his altar, and he can do no wrong. The truth is simply not in them.

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