Buy My New Book, “Spindles of Dreams”

My new book Spindles of Dreams is now available for Amazon Kindle for the everyday low price of $1. Here is its cover and the blurb from the Amazon website.

A14aKsxlVtL._SL1500_“In the end, someone who can make works of splendor and art despite being shackled inside a cubical is much more valuable to the world than someone who can only weave miracles with looms of mists, and spindles of dreams.”

For years, John Scotus has informed, amused, and provoked the American public through his blog, The Tree of Mamre. When Barack Obama said that people should stop listening to bloggers, John Scotus was one of the people he warned you about. Now, due to popular demand, the best of his articles have been compiled in this book. Enjoy his wit and wisdom as he surveys the full scope of American politics, religion, and culture, delivering his erudite judgment of everything from learning dogs not to suck eggs, to rhinos in academia and the media; from the problems of class warfare, to the biblical right to own a gun and defend yourself. It is all here … all the elegance, savagery, and sophistication of his blog posts, newly digitized for your reading pleasure.

You have been warned.

During the book’s soft roll-out, it reached the rank of #29 on Amazon’s list of Kindle ebooks in the category of Christian Living, though it has dropped in recent days.

Before we go any further, let me explain why you should buy this book:

  • It will cause global warming to subside and the seas to recede.
  • Your hair will grow back, 100% guaranteed.
  • If enough people buy this book, Obama has promised that he will resign.
  • George Will said that it was the best conservative Christian book that he has never read.
  • No unicorns were killed in the production of the book.
  • It is a good way to support me and my blog, given that Paypal refuses to service my secret volcano lair.

Indeed, as I have no tip jar, buying this book is the best way to show your monetary love, so you should buy a copy today. Heck, you can even buy several–indeed hundreds–if you like.

I won’t complain.

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