Update On Prayer Request

Previously, I had requested prayer to be able to go back to Japan. As an update, I have been offered a visa, and we are presently in the process of applying for it. However, the application procedure is taking an unusually long time. After two months, we have just now gotten all the documents needed to Japan, and a formal application still has not been made by the respective party there (maybe next week?). Once the application is made, it will take up to three months to be processed, and even then it can still be refused, so this is far from a done deal.

Because of our unique situation, our whole clan (about nine of us at the moment) has been hit hard financially. It used to be that my day job could just barely support our needs, but then we could always find outside work to help keep us all afloat. However, now because of new government decrees where we live (we are expats), this outside income has completely dried up. I have been offered freelance work that should be quite lucrative, and that I could continue once I return to Japan. However, there are problems with the ability for me to get paid, and so that work has still not materialized. (You can help here, a little, by buying my book.)

In short, we are in a waiting period, where a lot has been promised, but nothing has come to pass. Meanwhile, we are barraged daily by the world around us. As much as I grieve because of what is happening in the US, I grieve even more because of what I see and endure everyday. There is so much that I would love to say on this blog, but I cannot. What I share here is but a very small fraction of my concerns and my daily life. Hopefully, there will come a day when I can express myself freely, but that day still seems far away.

Please keep my family and I in your prayers.

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