What Your Choice Of Booze Says About Your Political Persuasions

In a year where any honest person would take one look at the US political sphere, and then either get on their knees and beg God to have mercy on our souls, or head to the nearest bar to get stone drunk, this chart from the WaPo has to be the chart of the year:

politics and boozeIt turns out that there is a close relationship between choice of booze, and one’s political beliefs. As the WaPo points out:

Democratic drinkers are more likely to sip Absolut and Grey Goose vodkas, while Republican tipplers are more likely to savor Jim Beam, Canadian Club and Crown Royal. That research comes from consumer data supplied by GFK MRI, and analyzed by Jennifer Dube of National Media Research Planning and Placement, an Alexandria-based Republican consulting firm.

The results are fascinating: Analyzing voting habits of those who imbibe, Dube found that 14 of the top 15 brands that indicate someone is most likely to vote are wines.

If you see someone at your New Years party tonight drinking Kendall-Jackson or Robert Mondavi wines, that person is highly likely to vote, and they’re likely to vote Republican. Someone who savors a Chateau Ste. Michelle Merlot, one of Washington State’s top producers, or Smoking Loon, they’re likely to cast ballots for Democrats.

Columbia Crest, Ravenswood, Francis Coppola and Charles Shaw (better known as two-buck Chuck) all produce wines Democrats favor. Fish Eye, Bogle and Franzia drinkers are more likely to lean right.

And, perhaps not surprisingly, given the relative youth of those involved, people who take shots of Jagermeister or Don Julio are much less likely to vote.

Missing from the chart: Non-alcoholic drinks, such as tea. (No doubt, most iced tea drinkers are Republicans, and hot tea drinkers are Democrats.)

One big surprise is that people who drink Irish Cream are generally moderate Republicans. Since this is the drink of the gay community, it shows that there may be many more Republicans in the closet than most people realize.

All joking aside, this kind of data is a goldmine for political pros, and the Democrats are already masters at this game. While conservatives may rightfully laugh at Pajama Boy, he looks like a Don Julio drinker all the way, which explains why OFA put out its ad. From the graph, Republicans need to craft a message in 2014 which appeals to the same kind of people who drink Jagermeister,  Captain Morgan, Malibu Coconut, and Jack Daniels. If they put their minds to it, this should not be too hard to do.

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