Barack Obama: “We don’t abandon our fellow Americans when times get tough”

This was tweeted today by Barack Obama:

It’s really hard to know even how to respond to such a statement, except to say that it is pure, unadulterated bat guano.

Who has Obama ever stood by?

Despite haranguing Christians to support Obamacare because “we should be our brother’s keeper”, it is a fact that he refuses to stand by even his own brother. Everyone gets thrown under the bus if they get in the way of Obama’s ambition or ego, or if they become the least bit inconvenient or require any personal effort to help on his part.


We could respond by reciting the litany of people Obama and his administration have turned their backs on, such as the millions who have lost their insurance and doctors through Obamacare. However, when describing Obama’s failure to stand by Americans and not abandon them, really only one word is enough: Benghazi.


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