The Average Chinese Makes As Much As A Janitor In Thailand

Seriously. The average wage in China is 28,752 RMB per yer, which works out at US$4,800. Even if you adjust it for PPP, it is currently still only around US$9,055 per year.  To help illustrate how this stacks up with other countries (indeed, to see how your salary stacks up), you can us this nifty little app created by CNN.

Here is what it shows for the average wage in China:

Chinese wage comparisonNote that from this graphic, the average Chinese person makes about the same salary as a janitor in Thailand, and less than 1/4 the average wage in the US, even after the figures are adjusted for PPP. (In the graph above, the bar for “CN” is slightly higher, as it shows the salaries of public sector employees, who make slightly more than the average Chinese.)

Just a reminder that while China is rich, the Chinese people are still quite poor.

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