Obama’s Invitation To Astroturf–Send In Your Photo Today

Today, Barack Obama had this to say on his personal Twitter stream:


Of course, we know that Barack Obama himself did not Tweet this–his animatronic twin did–but as it is on his Twitter stream, no doubt it shows his true thoughts.

Let’s take this Tweet apart, shall we?

Obama’s animatronic twin wants us to find a photo of ourselves in a cast or on crutches. The photo can be fifty years old, or even made up. It makes no difference. The point being that whether the photo is old or made up, it is a photo of someone who did not use Obamacare. Thus, Obama is not asking for real testimonies of how Obamacare has helped people–he is asking for testimonies of how Obamacare might hypothetically help someone, and then inviting supporters to pass this off as a testimony of Obamacare’s effectiveness, even though Obamacare could not possibly have any effect on a past or fictitious injury. If it was a past injury, the person received medical care under an old insurance policy, under a federal program, or at a charity hospital, as no one could legally be denied medical care prior to Obamacare. If it is a fictitious injury, then Obamacare should not apply, though that remains to be seen.

Obama is asking supporters to make stuff up, then post it on the Internet, and then tell their friends in the hope that it goes viral. He is inviting supporters to engage in astroturfing. Fake testimonials to gain fake support for a fake program under a fake president. How fitting.

The best reply to Obama’s plea for astroturfers was this Tweet:

Indeed, while we are not advocating sending in bondage porn or any other kind of porn, ridicule would appear to be the only appropriate response to such a fatuous Tweet.

So, let’s all send in photos of ourselves with fake injuries worthy of any Darwin Award winner, and hope that Obama posts them online as a testimony of Obamacare’s effectiveness.

It seems the patriotic thing to do.

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1 Response to Obama’s Invitation To Astroturf–Send In Your Photo Today

  1. Thanks for the link!
    And ridicule is definitely the way to go at this point, and certainly the avenue I’m choosing…

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