A Pro-Democracy Phone Call From Beijing

My daughter, who lives in China, emailed me yesterday that she had the strangest phone call:

This morning I got a call from a strange number, it said Beijing. I wasn’t expecting any calls from Beijing, but I tried to call it back. Maybe it was from one of the delivery companies on taobao?

An hour later, I got another call from Beijing, this time it was a cell phone number. I answered, the woman replied, then I realized it was a recording, she calmly and assertively started to tell me something:

“For many years this country has been ruled by a non-democratic party——the communist party. People are scared to say anything, or do anything. Everyone has been silenced and in silence they comply with the actions and the historical faults this party has done, and its crimes against its own nation. In 1949 it took power, and many atrocities against its own nations’ people have been committed. If you have ever worn a red flag (handkerchief) on your neck as a schoolchild, or even become a party member yourself, then you have already become a party to its crimes. For years it has worked to squash all of its opponents, including Fu Long Gong, and other numerous religious and political parties. In silence you watch, thinking this makes you safe. But it does not make you safe. This regime aims to not only kill the people, but more importantly, take your soul. But it is not too late to act. In this day and age more than any, through the phones, internet and social media, you, or “we” as people have it in our power to have a free will, and speak up against the crimes being committed against us. If you cower in fear, then it will be only a matter of time before it claims your life. There is nowhere else to run. If you speak up now, there are millions of your countrymen behind you, and with you, together we can change this. If you are not interested in participating, hang up now. If you have worn the red flag on your neck as a schoolchild, but are interested in becoming free, press 1. If you have joined the party and are interested in becoming free, press 2. If you have never done any of these things, but would like to participate in this movement, press 3, and this message will be automatically forwarded to all the numbers on your phone. Remember, you have a right to a choice. Do not stay silent.”

As this was a robocall, one would think that thousands if not millions have people have received this same message.


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