Bobby Jindal: “America Didn’t Create Religious Liberty–Religious Liberty Created America” (Video)

Bobby Jindal’s comments on religious liberty come late in the video. He says in part:

I think religious liberty is at threat in this country … I think that, from the President’s perspective … it’s almost that he views that our religious liberty starts and ends in Sunday at church. That’s not the way it works … America didn’t create religious liberty. Religious liberty created America. And, it’s very, very scary. It’s very dangerous for the federal government to presume that they know better.

Early in the Obama administration, Jindal gave the GOP response to Obama’s State of the Union Address. However, his performance was so tentative and boring that it effectively ended any hopes he might have had for running for president in 2012. In this interview, he is much more comfortable, engaging, and polished, showing that he has upped his game quite a bit. Despite his recent dwindling approval ratings in Louisiana, he may well be a potent force in 2016, if he decides to run for president.

(H/t Reclaim Our Republic)

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