Ben Carson: White House Wanted Apology For “Offending” Obama

Last year, Ben Carson delivered a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with the President sitting nearby. As I noted then, his speech was filled with biblical wisdom, and was a model for how to present a gentle, well-reasoned rebuke to those in power. If you have not seen it, you should watch it now.

Now, in a soon-to-be-released book, Dr. Carson reveals that soon after he gave the speech, the White House demanded an apology for offending Obama. As reported in the Daily Caller:

“He did not appear to be hostile or angry,” Carson writes of Obama, “but within a matter of minutes after the conclusion of the program, I received a call from some of the prayer breakfast organizers saying that the White House was upset and requesting that I call the president and apologize for offending him. I said that I did not think that he was offended and that I didn’t think that such a call was warranted.”

“Many have commented that the president appeared to be uncomfortable during my speech, but I was not paying particular attention to him or his reactions, as my comments were really directed more at the American people than the people on the dais,” Carson recalls. “At the conclusion of the program, the president approached me to shake my hand and thank me for my participation.”

It is hard to know whether we should laugh or cry at the pettiness of this misguided, imperial civil servant and his minions. If Barack Obama had his way, instead of being lauded in the Bible for his courage in confronting King David for his sin, Nathan the prophet would have been scorned as one of history’s greatest fiends.

While Obama may have felt humiliated by the speech, in truth the only real humiliation Obama could ever suffer would be as a result of his own words and actions, and not by anything another man could ever say about him.

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