“Brave German Woman” Rebukes Islam’s Lie (Video)

On November 10, 2013, at the Memorial Church of the Reformation in Speyer, Germany, an interfaith concert was scheduled for the purpose of bringing Islam and Christianity together. The concert was supposed to be opened with a prayer by a Muslim iman, proclaiming that “Only Allah is the Lord. He is God, the only God”, but as you can see from the video, that is not quite what happened.

Muslims can and should worship as they want, so long as they do not harm others–that is not the issue here. The issue is that this iman had no business spouting his poison in a Christian church, and church leaders should be ashamed of allowing him or the concert to go forward.

It is time for Christians everywhere to act as Heidi Mund–to take a stand and say, as she did, that Jesus Christ is Lord of all, and there is no other lord. It is time for Christians to stop tolerating leaders who insist upon calling what is evil “good”, and what is good “evil”.

It is time to stand, whatever the cost.

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4 Responses to “Brave German Woman” Rebukes Islam’s Lie (Video)

  1. mlaclair says:

    Reblogged this on The Proverbs 1:20 Column and commented:
    This is worth the time for listening…may this woman and her family be rewarded with the Divine protection of God for speaking His truth, and our Truth… give a listen… Thanks.

  2. Judy Martin says:

    Amen to this Article!!! That is what is wrong with this horrible world, people have fallen under the spirit of confusion and they do call what is “Evil”, Good and what is “Good” Evil. The kindest and most humble people I know are treated and talked about like they are evil. Our leaders are misguiding this Nation and the Globe. Thank You for this inspiring article.

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