Getting Connected

This week, we moved from the farmhouse to an actual house in Shiga, Japan. When I called NTT to set up the phone and Internet, they had a special deal that made service via a fiber optic cable just a tad bit more expensive than a regular phone line barring an installation fee, so we took that option. Yesterday, four men from NTT came out to install the line. Here are some photos of the installation from my front porch.

installing a fiber optic cableinstaling a fiber optic cable (Japan)The fourth man was a supervisor. He is out of camera range, supervising. The NTT workers drug the cable three blocks, and then climbed up on our roof to attach the cable to our house. Afterwards, one of them came in and installed the new outlet, and then set up our phone, TV, and Internet for us.

The installation fee? $30.

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