Foods To Avoid In China

China reputedly has the best food in the world. I’m not really sure about that, as during my time in China I was so frequently ill from food poisoning that in the end I pretty much stopped eating Chinese food altogether, unless I could really help it. (And, when I say food poisoning, I mean that sometimes the food was deliberately poisoned.) It was more expensive eating imported food, but after getting some very large kidney stones from the melamine they put in the milk, I decided that it was better to forgo Chinese food than to spend agonizing weeks trying to eliminate sharp pieces of plastic from my urinary tract.

I am not alone in this concern for the safety of Chinese food. The Epoch Times has now put out a list of the foods one should avoid while there. It includes the usual suspects, such as milk and vegetables, but then adds a few more, such as frozen dumplings and restaurant meals.

My wife, when looking at the list, claims that the list does not go near far enough, and that it would be easier to list the foods that are safe to eat in China, rather than the foods one should avoid. She has a point. The idea of food safety seems to be nearly nonexistent in China, and many companies are cutting corners or even selling fake food in order to increase their profit margins. The International Business Times lists the five top fake foods in China, but this list only begins to scratch the surface. The most astonishing item on this list is fake eggs. These eggs are nearly identical to real eggs in appearance, but contain few organic ingredients.

This video from Fuji TV sheds light on the process used to make fake eggs.

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