Lois Lerner Upon Learning That Instant Messages Not Saved: “Perfect”

In case anyone in the world still thinks that there is no there “there” when it comes to the IRS harassment of conservative groups in order to subvert the 2012 presidential election, here is a copy of an email exchange between Lois Lerner and IRS technology staff member Maria Hooke, with Nannette Downing, manager of the IRS Exempt Organizations Exam Unit, cc’d in (the order of emails is from the bottom up).

While this exchange occurred after the 2012 election, the context was congressional investigations of IRS activities. It must have come as some relief to her that instant messages were probably not searchable, as her one-word answer was “Perfect”.

Here, Representative Jim Jordan does a wonderful job of explaining the significance of the email exchange to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

Following the chronology, it is fairly obvious that not only was Lois Lerner involved in covering up illegal activity, but a conspiracy existed at the IRS to subvert the 2012 election–it was not just “one rogue agent”. However, Koskinen somehow seems to find nothing amiss.

(H/t Mark Tapscott)

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