The Cultural Divide And Elizabeth Warren

We thought Lena Dunham’s ad for Barack Obama in 2012 was one of the worst ever, but we were wrong: It was a work of pure genius, and may have even won Obama the election. The tragic truth is that there is a cultural divide in the US, between those who were taught the difference between right and and wrong, between quality and dreck, and who actually received an education at school, and those who grew up indoctrinated by the leftist schoolteachers such as Elizabeth Warren along with the mass media, who have warped values, no knowledge of the world, no taste, and no clue.

Thus we have Elizabeth Warren’s new ad. Watch and weep. This woman may be the next president of the US.

(H/t Hit and Run)

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1 Response to The Cultural Divide And Elizabeth Warren

  1. austinbright says:

    I do not know to much about Warren; my focus has been learning about Paul and Clinton. What do you think, will Warren challenge Hillary, should I read up on Warren should I choose to start blogging in 2016.

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