Nation To Obama: “We Won”

In a meeting with congressional leaders in 2009, three days after his inauguration, Barack Obama famously told GOP leaders that he was not interested in their ideas or input, and that essentially they should sit down and shut up, because “I won.” He went on to explain that “elections have consequences.” While news reports at the time tried to sugar-coat Obama’s statement, it was clear that it left Republicans who heard the remark gobsmacked. After all, they had all just won elections themselves, otherwise they would not have been in Congress.

For nearly six years Obama has attempted to rule the land based upon this premise, and has by all measures failed miserably. This is not just by conservative standards. Liberals, of all people, should feel the most betrayed by this man because of his continual prevarications, his inaction on liberal issues such as Guantanamo Bay, domestic spying, the continual wars in the Middle East, and his manifest incompetence. The only accomplishment liberals can really point to is that Obama is the first black president, something they continually remind themselves and others, as though that somehow mitigates the disaster of his presidency.

The result of Obama’s misguided rule? A country painted red.

2014 election mapThe message to Barack Obama is clear: It is time for you to sit down and shut up. The American people have won.

After all, elections have consequences.

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3 Responses to Nation To Obama: “We Won”

  1. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

  2. desertradio says:

    How did we go from “shellacking” him in 2010 to “a good night” in 2014 by winning more seats? Methinks somebody is in denial.

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