Medieval Armor, For Cats And Mice

No, this armor is not for real. Rather, Canadian artist Jeff de Boer became interested in making human armor as art-pieces. It follows that if humans need armor for warfare, cats should need armor as well. And if cats need armor, then … you get the picture.

cat jousting armorWe had previously talked of using cats for warfare here. Given their antisocial behavior, it is only natural that they be enlisted in war. The main issue appears to be that they are so antisocial that they are inherently undependable. I would not, for example, trust a cat with a gun.

cat samurai armorMice may have more potential, as they do not appear to be raving psychopaths, at least at first glance. They are also expendable.

mouse armorThe main questions are thus whether or not they can be trained sufficiently to be of any help to humankind, and whether we can design small but effective weaponry for mice to use in battle. This would make an excellent field for research.

Meanwhile, other photos of de Boer’s art can be found here.

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