The #Cuckservative Con

Recently, we’ve been seeing the #cuckservative hashtag thrown around a lot on Twitter, usually in defense of Donald Trump. Ostensibly, the people using this hashtag are upset conservatives who feel like they have been “cuckolded” by the GOP establishment. However, there is a strong anti-Semitic, racist tinge to many of the Tweets, and terms such as “white power” and “mud people” are thrown around a lot.

Some of the people throwing around the term have actually attacked Ted Cruz, no doubt because he is Hispanic:

The idea that somehow Cruz has cuckolded conservatives should be too much of a stretch for anyone who has had their head out of their butt for more than five minutes in the last year. And, try as I might, I cannot find a more hateful and obnoxious term in the English language than the term “mud people”. Prior to this week, the last time I had ever heard the term used was by a member of the KKK, many, many years ago. It is a term that is not used by civilized people, and it is certainly not a term characteristic of conservatives or Christians.

Ace of Spades ever so gently tried to deal with this issue:

I’m not going to say that everyone using the term “#cuckservative” is a white supremacist. In fact, when I first saw it yesterday, I assumed it was a reference to the McConnell/Boehner wing of corporate cuckolds.

In fact, many people might think it means just that — and for them, it does. If that’s what you think it means, that’s what it means, for you.

However, it’s an objective fact that many using the term, and stinging social media like race-warring hornets, are indeed out and proud white supremacists, or at least the sorts of person who casually uses the word “muds” (as in “I’m not going to stand by and see my country polluted by muds” — that sort of thing) in the belief that this is a socially-acceptable shorthand for “anyone who isn’t a Scots-Irish-or-Germanic white person.”

Ace never really offers a prescription for what should be done about this issue, but he does note that it will be used by liberals to discredit people who are hard-liners on immigration.

The result of his post? Ace of Spades suffered a coordinated Twitter attack.

Erick Erickson has also gotten involved on Twitter, pointing out some of the implications of the #cuckservative hashtag:

As Matt Lewis notes, Erickson does not do the term #cuckservative full justice. Nevertheless, Erickson still sustained a coordinated Twitter attack.

Finally, Robert Stacy McCain got into the act:

So, yeah, I know a lot of radical “New Right” who think the Republican Party is hopeless, and some of them have rather idiosyncratic opinions on certain other issues we need not further belabor here. However, the anti-Jew vibe coming off the #cuckservative hashtag is just a bit too blatant. And the thought crossed my mind: agents provocateurs.

There was an old joke down in Georgia that if five guys show up for a KKK meeting, at least three of them are working for the FBI, and I’ve got a hunch something like that must be behind this #cuckservative thing. My bullshit detector is pretty reliable, and if I had to bet money, I’ve got $20 that says either Justice Department informants or Democrat Party dirty tricksters have infiltrated the “New Right,” because this #cuckservative thing is just way too perfect to be a coincidence …

As James Carville says, if you see a turtle sitting atop a fence post, you know it didn’t crawl up there by itself and — in case nobody told you yet — Team Hillary is playing for keeps. Don’t be a chump. Know who you trust and trust who you know. Beware of dirty tricks.

If we can’t defeat Team Hillary, America is doomed and deservedly so.

The result? He suffered a coordinated Twitter attack. As he pointed out:

Certainly, all the evidence points to this being a false-flag operation mounted by progressives in order to discredit Trump, the push against illegal immigration, and conservatives in general. Yet, some people have claimed that those engaged in the #cuckservative are actually quite sincere, and have been active on Reddit for some time. In response to this, here is a screenshot of the description of what a “cuckservative” really is, from the Cuckservative Clubhouse on Reddit:

cuckservative definition

(H/t Rick Wilson)

In short, the #cuckservative meme is just a con job.

Of course, some people who are apparently sincere have fallen for this con job. Some of these people even follow me on Twitter. If you are in this category, you need to wake up and realize that you are being played for a chump: The only reason the #cuckservative hashtag exists is to discredit and destroy all that you hold dear.

Indeed, The New Republic already has an article out dissecting the #cuckservative phenomenon and essentially calling all Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters racists, saying that “Conservatives Are Holding A Conversation About Race.” It may or may not be true that conservatives are holding such a conversation, but as the #cuckservative meme was invented by liberals, it has nothing to do with conservatives and their views on race.

Unless conservatives strike back early and hard, expect the racist-conservative meme to define the 2016 election, and if this happens Hillary may well become the next president.

So, here is the bottom line:

  1. If you are a racist, then you need to get right with God. There is no debating you, and I have nothing more to say to you than you should repent.
  2. If you are confused and angry, and tempted to use the #cuckservative hashtag because somehow it resonates with you, then I implore you to “examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good” (1 Thessalonians 5: 21).
  3. If you are a Trump supporter because you somehow think he is a conservative or even believe that he is a strong advocate against illegal immigration, read this.
  4. If you are a liberal troll peddling this racist meme in order to advance your cause, then you need to slink back to the foul depths to where you belong.

At any rate, if I see someone using the #cuckservative hashtag on Twitter in anything but a negative light, exposing those who are pushing it, then I will immediately block the person, even if the person is a sincere conservative.

Our nation is too valuable to lose simply because of a lousy hashtag.

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8 Responses to The #Cuckservative Con

  1. Drogger says:

    Taking your marching orders from the top, eh? That’s alright. We all have orders. Anyways, keep on cuckin’ cuck.

  2. Jeff says:

    Thank you for telling us all how to think. There’s just not enough of that.

  3. marvin120 says:

    Is it “racist” to want your own kind to retain a majority in the country they built? Is it “racist” to point out that the founding fathers we all revere restricted voting to “free white men”, and that if voting were still restricted to free white men, we wouldn’t have 30 million dead babies, state-sanctioned sodomy, and urban areas blighted by third-world crime and filth?

    Are these things “racist”?? Do I need to “get right with God??”

    Matthew 7:1

    • John Scotus says:

      Uh, yeah. You’re a racist.

      • Max says:

        Thanks for the compliment! Racism is good, natural, healthy, and normal. Anti-racists are bizarre, modernist freaks whose time has passed, and who are by and large dying alone, to be eaten by their cats. The return to normalcy is here, and your kind will hang, you faggot freak. =)

        • str82dvd says:

          Max, nice work! Love the emoticon to ease the burn of truth! John Scotus, do take heart that your pussy ways still carry some sway with our unfortunately misguided ladies. Once they’re on board, however, it’s time for your kind to run for the hinterland. Enjoy the twilight of your cuckoldry. :D

  4. marvin120 says:

    And you’re a cuckservative

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