Sometimes The Truth Is Not Enough

Many people imagine that if enough information comes out about what Planned Parenthood is doing and if people would only find out what abortion really entails, there would be a groundswell of opposition against abortion, and it would be outlawed.

I am not so sure.

Let me explain why.

I once worked in a church which had a pastor whom I sincerely believe was not a Christian. He has since passed away, and I am fairly certain that he died in his sins. Indeed, I have met others who were not members of his church who apparently agree with this assessment. He was abusive, controlling, conniving, lying, and taught a false gospel that did not rely on grace, but was based on obedience to a set of rules which had utterly no relation to any law or moral imprecation in the Bible. Further, he vigorously persecuted Christians who taught and lived by grace, doing everything he could to drive them out of his church and denomination, and out of the entire fellowship of believers via his link with other churches in other denominations.

Once I saw and understood who he was and what he was about, I was in a quandary. I was not in any kind of position to go to anyone else and explain what I saw, nor was I going to whisper against him or do anything to undercut his ministry. I resolved that the only solution to the problem was to continue to live and walk in grace, speaking the truth while at the same time not attacking him, and pray that the church would see the light. I reasoned that the church elders and deacons were people like myself, but were not fully informed. If they could only see the truth of the situation, I thought, they would deal with this false pastor.

And I was wrong.

In time, they did see the pastor undeniably for who he really was, they did see the truth of the situation visibly before their own eyes, and they did absolutely nothing. He served as pastor of that church until he died.

Why did they refuse to act? I suspect that many people in the church could not be bothered to do anything, because they could not stomach a fight. Others took the path of even less resistance and simply stopped going to church. At the same time, there were others–people with influence and power in the church–who did nothing because they saw nothing wrong with the situation. Like the pastor, the truth was simply not in them.

And if the church members did not care enough to do anything even when the truth was before their eyes, imagine what the neighbors of the church thought. To them, the church was just full of crazies anyway, and so it did not matter if the pastor was crazier than the rest. Indeed, it should be expected.

In my life, I have often prayed that the truth would be revealed, expecting that when it was revealed people would repent. It has seldom if ever worked out that way. Usually, when the truth is revealed, people just shrug their shoulders. If they have any emotion at all, it is to rejoice in the evil they see, because that is what they wanted.

Think about it for a moment: What was the reaction when Christ, the eternal Truth, was revealed in the flesh to mankind? Did people repent? Some did. However, the first reaction for many people, especially those of power and influence, was to want to kill him.

So, to get back to the videos about Planned Parenthood, I am not confident that they will have the immediate result that many people hope. Surely, many people who are already horrified by abortion will become even more horrified and motivated to rid America of this abomination, and some people will be challenged to get off the fence and decide which side they are on. However, most of those who couldn’t be bothered to act before the video will not be bothered to act after the video, and very few people who are in favor of abortion will have their minds changed.

The silver lining is that most people in the US are in fact against abortion, and so it is possible that the videos will provide enough impetus for us to finally rid ourselves of the pro-life pretenders in the GOP and vote in congressmen and senators who are in fact pro-life, in words as well as in deed. And even if this does not occur, at least we might be able to strike some fear into the hearts of these frauds and force them to defund Planned Parenthood, if for no other reason than to preserve their place at the public food troth.

Having said this, I really doubt that many people will have their minds changed by these videos. Heinrich Himmler was noted for his delicate sensibilities and would almost faint at the sight of blood, but this did not keep him from setting up extermination camps to kill the Jews. The people who support Planned Parenthood are all just little Himmlers. Even though their sensibilities may be offended by the videos, they will do everything they can to insist that the extermination camps be kept opened and even expanded. It is simply who they are.

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One Response to Sometimes The Truth Is Not Enough

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