Why I’m Leaning Towards Fiorina

While I do not agree with Carly Fiorina on every point, at the moment I’m inclined to support her for president. My reasons:

1) She was visibly outraged by the Planned Parenthood videos. Most of the other candidates are against abortion, but none show as much anger or resolve.

No doubt, it will be pointed out that she supported the California version of the DREAM Act, and this will be the deal breaker for many people. Ann Coulter famously tweeted the following, regarding Donald Trump:

In a real sense, I am the anti-Coulter in this regard. Illegal immigration is inherently a policy issue. However, abortion is a mortal sin. The two simply do not compare. I’m tired of candidates grandstanding on the abortion issue and saying things to get votes, but then doing nothing when they get the chance. I believe that Fiorina is mad enough about the issue to actually do something. If this video gives a true hint of Fiorina’s feelings for abortion, then I would crawl over broken glass to see her elected.

2) In the last debate, Fiorina gave a muscular, detailed plan for restoring America’s stance in the world. Others offered only vague generalities.

3) While her tenure at HP was controversial, even if she was wrong on some issues she proved willing to fight against the machine. She took on entrenched interests and stuck to her guns. She’s not afraid of conflict.

4) She has proven herself a masterful debater thus far. I don’t want the GOP candidate to face Clinton/Sanders/Biden and then become tongue-tied or timid. I want someone who will eat their lunch.

5) More than any of the other candidates, she has proven herself knowledgeable about the issues. It’s clear that she knows what she is talking about, even if one doesn’t always agree with her stances.

6) Biography is everything. I’ve worked in a big company, and so I know how hard it is to rise up from the bottom with the wind at one’s face. Fiorina’s done that. I find this quite admirable. Was she always perfect? Far from it. But it takes talent, strength, skill, and determination to rise from an entry level position to CEO of a top 20 company. She deserves props

This does not mean that I am on her bandwagon yet. However, it does mean that I am taking a lot of the criticisms of her with a huge grain of salt. All in all, compared to many of the other candidates, based upon her life experiences, her skills, her mastery of the issues, her leadership ability, her willingness to tackle controversial issues, and her pro-life passion, she deserves some respect, and we should give it to her.

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One Response to Why I’m Leaning Towards Fiorina

  1. NEO says:

    Concur, not final yet either, but so far, she’s my favorite, nor does it hurt that she is a she.

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