At some point, for the Western elite class, the acquisitive dreams of the past become the banalities of the present, as luxury cars, penthouses, and vacation homes only remind the guilty how blessed they are, whether through inheritance, the power of trillion-dollar investments, or the global market of 6 billion people. For many of our elites, trashing their culture and heritage offers a sort of medieval penance that lets them alleviate guilt without sacrificing privilege. George Soros, Al Gore, and Mark Zuckerberg often are critical of the very engines that powered them to zillionaire status. Billionaire George Lucas calls his additional multibillion-dollar buyout from Disney the work of “white slavers.” Is Lucas, then, our version of an indentured Irish immigrant, or a Balkan peasant sent in chains to Istanbul? The 1 percent hope their loud displeasures will help to square the circle of finding redemption without ceasing to satisfy their material appetites. For some, anti-Westernism is the white lace that adds something to their costly but boring outfit. For others, the hypocrisy of trashing what you take for granted is just a small inconvenience in what is otherwise a wise career investment. The trick is to shear the Western sheep, not kill it. Ultimately, campus radicals always end up as merchants haggling over a sale, as they call for more diversity czars and community organizers, more race- or gender-based hiring and admissions, more gut courses — more agendas that benefit mostly themselves. Is there a college president in extremis who has not tried to survive the psychodramatic campus storm by pulling out his official checkbook and writing a check with someone else’s money?

Hating the West, Inc.

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