Looking around, we see defeatism by the Republican establishment, defeatism by Trump’s conservative supporters, and defeatism even by those who agree with the conservative attack on Trump. Yet with Obama unpopular, Hillary weakened on multiple fronts, an unelectable socialist now threatening to take the Democratic nomination, and very solid non-Trump Republicans in the running, there is no justification for defeatism.

Trump is immune . . . until he isn’t. Hillary is inevitable until, well, several months ago. Obama’s executive overreach is easily reversible with a Republican win, precisely because it isn’t enshrined in law. Victory would likely give the GOP control of the presidency, Congress, and most states. The public is alarmed by terrorism and a world spinning out of control, while Democrats have tripled and quadrupled down on dovish denial. No one is happy with the economy. The country is yearning for change.

Trump is a desperation bet that needn’t be made when smart, persuasive, and authentic conservatives are ready and willing to serve. Say no to conservative defeatism. Say no to Trump.

Against Defeatism, Against Trump

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