[T]his brings me to the persistent allegation that Marco Rubio is nothing but yet another “GOPe” stooge, a loser in the Dole/McCain/Romney mold and the tool of the Washington political class. As I’ve noted before — along with my colleague Jim Geraghty — in many ways Rubio is an odd fit for the “establishment” charge. After all, he’s the original Tea Party senator who toppled Charlie Crist, he’s been the target of tens of millions of dollars of negative ads from the ultimate establishment candidate, Jeb Bush, and his voting record — with the notable exception of the Gang of Eight — has been not just reliably conservative, but extraordinarily so. Indeed, he’s the architect of the single-most effective legislative assault against ObamaCare since its passage.

There is a difference between an establishment candidate and a candidate whom establishment voters can happily support. Rubio is the latter.

David French

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