This well encapsulates why I will always be a bitter foe of Trump and all that he represents:

Donald Trump may be even worse than Obama in his inspiration of the Cult of the Strongman, given how much he is about being a “winner” and a guy who makes great things happen just by being Trump, and how little ideological content there is to Trumpism beyond immigration and trade. You don’t have to think Trump or his supporters are any kind of fascist to get a whiff of fascism from the nature of the Trump rallies and the arguments for Trump and the willingness to support whatever thing Trump comes up with next. Thus, you have a quarter of the GOP electorate running off after a guy who thinks single-payer health care is a good idea. Trump’s joke about not losing votes even if he walked down to Fifth Avenue and shot someone suggests to me that on some level the cult scares even him … in the long run, marrying the Cult of the Strongman to the expansive powers of the modern presidency and its tendency to trample the restraints of federalism and separation of powers is a menace to our system, and one that should be resisted. Past generations have eventually hit the limits of their tolerance for American leaders who took ‘they’ll follow me anywhere’ too far, the most vivid example being the outraged reaction to FDR’s Court-packing plan in 1937. That is a healthy instinct we shouldn’t lose.

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