As I have argued for some time now, conservatives simply cannot seriously consider Trump, who isn’t a conservative. The real race is between Cruz and Rubio, and conservatives are asking themselves whether they can elect Cruz and whether they can trust Rubio. I wouldn’t say that I’m agnostic on the question (inasmuch as I believe the answer to both questions to be, “Yes . . . probably”) but I would say that we conservatives, and the country, would be lucky to have either outcome. We used to say that Mitt Romney is conservative but he isn’t a conservative, which is true enough. Both Cruz and Rubio are self-conscious conservatives in the sense that they are products of the conservative movement, in a way that no president has been since Ronald Reagan. (No, as much as I like George W. Bush, he was the product of something very different, as is his brother, who was a very good governor.) It’s a mystery to me that conservatives are so miserable at the moment, when they are presented with such a desirable choice.

–Kevin D. Williamson

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  1. desertradio says:

    Excellent post! I think conservatives are so miserable because of the last seven years. They understand the work that has to be done to right the wrongs that Obama has done. Well, that and the fact that there’s no way Trump is actually conservative. I somehow think that his smarmy, condescending attitude is starting to catch up with him. He may win New Hampshire, but I think he’s going to have a hell of a time after that. Rubio or Cruz? Well, the choice there is simple. Do you want a guy that congress hates (seems we already have that), or do you want a guy that will work deals with congress (albeit, not the best deals for coservatives)?

  2. rightbill says:

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