Trump and Bush Derangement Syndrome

There’s no evidence that Trump opposed invading Iraq. There’s also no evidence that he was anti-Muslim immigration (or even for tightening immigration procedures) before 9/11, for that matter, so how would Trump have stopped 9/11 from happening?

Someone on my Twitter timeline claimed that Trump had some vague “prophecy” of a terrorist attack on the US before 9/11. Big deal. After the initial attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, I thought it was entirely reasonable that Muslim terrorists would try to attack the World Trade Center again and succeed where they had initially failed. Surely others must have had that same thought. Yet, there is not a shred of evidence that anyone in the US intelligence agencies knew that the World Trade Center would be targeted on that day or even that year, using those men (who were in the US legally on student visas), and using that methodology (planes). The truth of the matter is that a lot of people both inside and outside the US government thought that a terrorist attack on US soil like 9/11 was inevitable. However, there was no actionable intelligence that could have prevented such an attack, and Trump’s vague notion that such an attack might happen somewhere at sometime hardly makes him prescient or leads to the belief that as president he could have prevented 9/11, or even that he would have tried.

There are those who criticized George W. Bush from the right, saying that he wasn’t conservative enough. And there are those who criticized George W. Bush from the left, weaving crazy conspiracy theories that could only be true if George W. Bush were some sort of monster. Oddly for a man who claims to be a conservative and Republican, Donald Trump’s criticisms of Bush are entirely from the left. As much as Trump claims to hate Rosie O’Donnell, there is really no daylight between the two people when it comes to Bush (or any number of other issues, for that matter). The only thing left is for Trump to start claiming that fire can’t melt steel.

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