Oren Cass notes that in truth, Trump hasn’t offered a single policy prescription that wasn’t offered by Romney in 2012, so the idea that he has brought some issues to the forefront or is even offering something new is ridiculous. In the end, Trump’s appeal merely comes down to the fact that he is an entertainer:

The real difference is that Romney held himself each day to the highest standards of decency and felt keenly the burdens of leadership, while Trump is an entertainer committed to delivering whatever irrational blather of insults, threats, and lies will earn the most retweets. Sometimes the blather may take the form of a “policy” proposal like mass deportation or a ban on Muslims, but that is still part of the show – not a suggestion for how to run the country.

The Trump phenomenon does not deserve elevation to the level of some reasonable response, needed movement, or well-earned comeuppance. It is best regarded as some combination of nihilistic joke and authoritarian fantasy. Yes he has “tapped into anger,” but let’s stop pretending it is a rational anger at problems ignored.

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