Yuval Levin:

The prospect of a Trump–Clinton matchup therefore remains very real. That at this moment, with the country struggling to come to terms with its 21st-century circumstances, the two parties would reach for two 70-year-olds to save them from the future — both of them intensely unpopular, reckless with power, blinded by nostalgia, and devoid of vision — is awfully discouraging. And it leaves me wondering if the baby boomers, as voters and leaders, will ever stop wrecking the country …

A presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be an election without a conservative candidate, in which most of the core questions that have defined American politics in the modern era, including especially the question of the role of government in the life of our society, were not even contested. It would also be an election between two people who, quite apart from their political views, have shown themselves unfit to be entrusted with the grave responsibilities of the presidency. Such an election would do the country a very great disservice.

That’s why Republicans should choose a worthy and conservative nominee, rather than Donald Trump — which they certainly still could, and which I still hope they will. It’s also why, if Republicans do choose Trump, I would hope that a serious conservative alternative emerges and makes it onto the ballot around the country. I would never vote for Trump or Clinton, and I do wish there were someone I could vote for in good conscience.

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