An open letter to GOP politicians who might back Trump. Excerpt:

In coming days, you will consider what will be best for your own future. And yes, you will think about endorsing Trump, as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie did recently. Who knows, you might be offered something nice.

But if you decide to fall into line and take your marching orders from Trump, you will lose respect (not least, your self-respect) and alienate millions of conservative Republicans. Look at Gov. Chris Christie, whose endorsement has transformed him from the tough-minded straight-talker, admired and widely regarded as a plausible national leader, and made him instead a forlorn and obsequious footman waiting in the front-runner’s shadow to do his bidding.

You will put your career at risk. And if Trump loses to Hillary Clinton, whether in a landslide, as current polls suggest, or at all, it will all have been for nothing.

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