Marco Rubio rejected ‘unity ticket’ with Ted Cruz. My take is that at heart Rubio is a supremely decent person who is consistently surprised and taken aback by how nasty and scheming most politicians really are. After all the crap that Cruz and his minions dumped over Rubio’s head during the campaign (recall that Cruz stood within three feet of Rubio and called him a liberal, and said that his politics were across the board in line with those of Chuck Schumer’s), in many ways it would be unseemly for Rubio to quickly jump on Cruz’s ticket. You can call it sour grapes if you like, but consider how unseemly it was for Ben Carson to support Trump after what Trump said about him. And then think to yourself, how far would I be willing to go “for the good of our country”, when the person making that plea is insincere and completely out for himself, the country be damned?

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